29. 6. 2012

New Blog

toto je môj posledný príspevok na tomto blogu. Od júla sa presúvam na novú adresu bluegrassnew.blogspot.com. Tento blog je len na pozvánky a zadarmo. V prípade, že máte záujem o pozvánku, napíšte na moju adresu bluegrassovenovinky (@) gmail.com. Edušo

this is my last topic on this blog. From July 2012 I am movin' on new address bluegrassnew.blogspot.com. This blog is for invited people only and free. If you are interesting about invitation, please send e-mail on my address bluegrassovenovinky (@) gmail.com. Eduso

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26. 6. 2012

Clayton Knight - Runs Real Good

Clayton Knight - Runs Real Good

1. River Lonesome
2. The One Who Has All Power   
3. Keep Calling My Name   
4. The View from Here   
5. When the Springtime Comes Again
6. Lonesome Whistle   
7. Rain Rain Rain
8. Gnaw Bone   
9. Neither Here
10. Take Me in Your Lifeboat


Larry Sparks - Let Him Lead You

Larry Sparks - Let Him Lead You

1. Let Him Lead You
2. Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures
3. That Awful Day
4. I Want To Die Easy Lord
5. Gonna Be Movin'    
6. Snow Covered Mound    
7. Battle Of Armegeddon
8. Gospel Train
9. Old Satan    
10. Call Out To Jesus
11. Great High Mountain
12. I Am The Man, Thomas
13. When I Lay My Burdens Down
14. When My Time Comes To Go


24. 6. 2012

Carl Caldwell - Down Another Lonesome Highway

Carl Caldwell - Down Another Lonesome Highway

1. Down Another Lonesome Highway
2. Lainie's Song    
3. Moonshine in the Hills
4. Open and Shut Case of the Blues
5. Augustus and Woodrow
6. My Lonely Christmas
7. My Grandaddy's Farm
8. Farewell to Carolina
9. I Like Being Daddy
10. It's a Dirty Job

22. 6. 2012

Monroe Crossing - Joy Joy Joy

Monroe Crossing - Joy Joy Joy

1. Life's Railway to Heaven
2. In the Garden
3. Joy Joy Joy
4. Micah 6:8
5. My Name Is Judas
6. Boy On the Gravestone   
7. When the Angels Carry Me Home
8. Whispering Hope
9. I Saw the Light
10. Down to the River to Pray
11. Keep On the Sunny Side   
12. Softly and Tenderly   
13. Rank Strangers
14. I'll Fly Away


19. 6. 2012

Larry Stephenson - What Really Matters

Larry Stephenson - What Really Matters

1. My Heart is on the Mend
2. What Really Matters
3. You're Too Easy to Remember   
4. God Will   
5. Philadelphia Lawyer   
6. The Seashores of Old Mexico
7. I See Love   
8. The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em
9. Big Train   
10. On the Jericho Road
11. Bear Tracks   
12. Before I'm Over You

Alan Tompkins - No Part of Nothin'

Alan Tompkins - No Part of Nothin'
bitrate 320 kbps

1. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
2. This World Is Not My Home
3. Blue Kentucky Waltz
4. Angelina Baker   
5. More Pretty Girls Than One
6. When It Comes to You
7. Count Me Out   
8. I've Been Redeemed   
9. Shenandoah Waltz   
10. Lonesome Road Blues   
11. Farther Along   
12. No Part of Nothin' Blues