1. 4. 2011

March Package 2011

March package

This is list of albums what you could get as member of Brotherhood of Bluegrass Music.

Balsam Range Trains I Missed
Blue Moon Rising Strange New World
Cumberland Gap Connection A Whole Lotta Lonesome
Expedition Show Expedition Show
Hagar's Mountain Boys Where's The Lonesome
Joe Mullins Hymns From The Hills
Josh Slone & Coaltown Josh Slone & Coaltown
Ken Mellons Rural Routes
Larry Stephenson 20th Anniversary
Loose Cannon Bluegrass Loose Cannon Bluegrass
Lou Reid & Carolina Sounds Like Heaven To Me
Michelle Cupit Bluegrass Baby
Wildfire Crash Course In The Blues

If you'd like to have these albums please follow instruction here.
1. If you like to get just march package quote bobm-march2011.
2. If you like to get march package + april news quote bobm-march2011+bobm
3. If you like to get april news quote bobm.
Thank you.

Toto je zoznam albumov, ktoré získali členovia Brotherhood of Bluegrass Music. Ak by si mal záujem dostať tieto albumy, prosím, nasleduj inštrukcie tu.
1. Ak chceš albumy z marcového balíčka, do predmetu napíš bobm-march2011.
2. Ak chceš albumy z marcového balíčka + aprílové novinky napíš bobm-march2011+bobm.
3. Ak chceš iba aprílové novinky, do predmetu napíš bobm.