7. 7. 2009

Del McCoury - Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury

Del McCoury

Stále aktívna legenda bluegrassovej hudby, ktorú netreba nijako zvlášť predstavovať. To, že na tejto scéne pôsobí nejaké to desaťročie, svečí aj tento výberový album. Venujem všetkým priaznivcom tradície a tradičného bluegrassu.

Del McCoury - Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury
bitrate 320 kbps

1.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
3.Rain & Snow
4.Are You Teasin' Me
6.White House Blues
7.Dark Hollow
8.You're the Girl of My Dreams
9.Don't Stop the Music
10.Prisoner Song, The

1.Big Rock In the Road
2.High On the Mountain
3.Rain Please Go Away
4.Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
5.Good Man Like Me
6.I've Endured
7.Bluest Man In Town
8.Don't You Call My Name
9.Evil Hearted Woman
10.Loggin' Man

1.Loneliness & Desperation
2.I Feel the Blues Movin' In
3.Don't Let My Love Get In the Way
4.Who Showed Who?
5.Undone In Sorrow
6.Take Me To the Mountains
7.Eli Renfro
8.Queen Anne's Lace
9.Nashville Cats
10.Beauty of My Dreams

1.Cold Hard Facts
2.Black Jack County Chains
3.Far Cry, A
4.Backslidin' Blues
5.50/50 Chance
6.City of Stone
7.Never Grow Up Boy
8.Asheville Turnaround
9.Learnin' the Blues
10.Cheek To Cheek With the Blues

1.1952 Vincent Black Lightning
2.Let an Old Racehorse Run
3.Same Kind of Crazy As Me
4.I'm Afraid I Forgot the Feeling
5.All Aboard
6.It's Just the Night
7.Nothin' Special
8.Unequal Love
9.Mill Towns
10.My Love Will Not Change


pass : eduso

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1verycoolguy povedal(a)...

Very good stuff. I enjoy listening to Del McCoury. Thanks for this post.

cadiz povedal(a)...

Ahoj. Tak klobúk dole. Tento blog je naozaj jedinečný. Za všetkých priaznivcov tejto muziky Ti patrí veľká vďaka a poklona...

Kovina Kris povedal(a)...

I agree with Steve Earle, the DM Band are the best bluegrass band on the planet at this time. Thank you very much for this excellent post!

iggy povedal(a)...

Thank you very much for this excellent post. I am having some trouble with the password for parts 2, 3 and 4. eduso will not work for me. I appreciate your help and your kindness. All the best,


Eduso povedal(a)...

Hello, Iggy, I haven't found a failure. It is working with password eduso. If there is any problem download all files again.

iggy povedal(a)...

Thank you Eduso. I will do as you suggest. You are very kind to answer my question. Very best wishes,


iggy povedal(a)...

Hello Eduso. Yes, I am back to wish you a very happy new year 2011. I have enjoyed many downloads from your excellent blog, with great thanks. However, I am still not able to open the downloads of Del's collection except for #1, which worked fine. I have tried the other 3 with both Safari and Firefox, downloading each one many times. None of 2, 3 and 4 will open with the password "eduso" as the first one did. Sorry to be such a bother, but I would love to have this great music. Thanks for your help. All the best,