22. 3. 2012

VA - Mark Twain Words and Music

VA - Mark Twain Words and Music
bitrate 320 kbps

1. "Hello yourself, and see how you like it?"
2. When Halley Came To Jackson
3. "Hannibal, Missouri, where my boyhood was spent?"
4. Better Times A' Comin'
5. "He agreed to teach me the Mississippi River?"
6. Run Mississippi
7. "Several years of variegated vagabondizing?"
8. A Cowboy In His Soul Bradley Walker
9. "It liberates the vandal to travel?"
10. Safe Water Carl Jackson
11. "You ain't ever to love anybody but me?"
12. I Wandered By A Brookside
13. "It was a mighty nice family?"
14. Beautiful Dreamer

1. "Don't scrunch up like that, Huckleberry?"
2. Huck Finn Blues
3. "The crows would gather on the railing and talk about me...?"
4. Huck Finn Blues
5. "So wounded, so broken-hearted...?"
6. Love Is On Our Side
7. "Wheresoever she was, there was Eden...?"
8. I Know You By Heart
9. "My concsience got to stiring me up hotter than ever...?"
10. Ink
11. "The report of my death was an exaggeration...?"
12. Comet Ride
13. "The truth, mainly...?"


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